Al-Balad - The City - Die Ortschaft - 90:13 (Sure: 90, Vers: 13)

Sure: 90 Vers: 12Sure: 90 Vers: 14

Original Book

فَكُّ رَقَبَةٍ


Bubenheim - Elyas

(Es ist) die Freilassung eines Sklaven10



(Es ist) die Befreiung eines Sklaven


Ahmed Ali

To free a neck (from the burden of debt or slavery),


Ali Ünal

It is the freeing of a bondsman (a slave or a captive);


Amatul Rahman Omar

(It is) the freeing of a captive (from the bondage of slavery, debt and other afflictions),



[It is] the freeing of one's neck [from the burden of sin], 7 



It is freeing the neck,


Faridul Haque

The freeing of a slave!


Hamid S. Aziz

It is freeing captives (or prisoners, slaves, the restricted or bound),



Releasing/freeing a neck/person/slave.



It is the freeing of a neck (slave) from bondage;


Maulana Mohammad Ali

Or to feed in a day of hunger


Muhammad Sarwar

It is the setting free of a slave



(It is) to free a slave,



(It is) the setting free of a slave,


The Noble Koran

(It is) Freeing a neck (slave, etc.)


Yusuf Ali

(It is:) freeing the bondman;


Sure: 90 Vers: 12Sure: 90 Vers: 14