'Abasa - He Frowned - Er blickte düster - 80:6 (Sure: 80, Vers: 6)

Sure: 80 Vers: 5Sure: 80 Vers: 7

Original Book

فَأَنْتَ لَهُ تَصَدَّىٰ


Bubenheim - Elyas

so widmest du dich ihm,



Dem widmest du dich,


Ahmed Ali

You pay full attention,


Ali Ünal

You (O Messenger) attend to him (so that he may accept Islam and reform),


Amatul Rahman Omar

To this one you were very attentive,



to him didst thou give thy whole attention,



Unto him thou attendest.


Faridul Haque

So you are after him!


Hamid S. Aziz

To him do you attend.



So you are for him paying attention/being concerned with .



to whom you were attending;


Maulana Mohammad Ali

And no blame is on thee, if he purify himself not.


Muhammad Sarwar

to a rich man,



Unto him thou payest regard.



To him do you address yourself.


The Noble Koran

To him you attend;


Yusuf Ali

To him dost thou attend;


Sure: 80 Vers: 5Sure: 80 Vers: 7