Al-Qalam - The Pen - Das Schreibrohr - 68:4 (Sure: 68, Vers: 4)

Sure: 68 Vers: 3Sure: 68 Vers: 5

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وَإِنَّكَ لَعَلَىٰ خُلُقٍ عَظِيمٍ


Bubenheim - Elyas

Und du bist wahrlich von großartiger Wesensart.



Und du besitzt großartige Charakterzüge.


Ahmed Ali

For you are verily born of sublime nature.


Ali Ünal

You are surely of a sublime character and do act by a sublime pattern of conduct.


Amatul Rahman Omar

And you possess outstandingly high standard of moral (excellence).



for, behold, thou keepest indeed to a sublime way of life; 4 



And verily thou art of a high and noble disposition.


Faridul Haque

And indeed you possess an exemplary character.


Hamid S. Aziz

And most surely you have the most sublime (or exalted) character.



And that you are on (E) great nature/character.



You are of the highest noble character.


Maulana Mohammad Ali

Which of you is mad.


Muhammad Sarwar

You have attained a high moral standard.



And lo! thou art of a tremendous nature.



And most surely you conform (yourself) to sublime morality.


The Noble Koran

And verily, you (O Muhammad) are on an exalted standard of character.


Yusuf Ali

And thou (standest) on an exalted standard of character.


Sure: 68 Vers: 3Sure: 68 Vers: 5