Al-Waqi'ah - The Event - Die eintreffen wird - 56:22 (Sure: 56, Vers: 22)

Sure: 56 Vers: 21Sure: 56 Vers: 23

Original Book

وَحُورٌ عِينٌ


Bubenheim - Elyas

Und (darin sind) Huris mit schönen, großen Augen,



Und (darin sind) großäugige Huri,


Ahmed Ali

And companions with big beautiful eyes


Ali Ünal

And (there will be) pure maidens, most beautiful of eye,


Amatul Rahman Omar

And (there will be present) fair houris with lovely large eyes.



And [with them will be their] companions pure, most beautiful of eye, 8 



And there will be fair ones large eyed.


Faridul Haque

And gorgeous eyed fair maidens.


Hamid S. Aziz

And pure, beautiful companions,



And eyes with intense blackness of pupils and whiteness (beautifully contrasted).



and dark eyed Huris (damsels),


Maulana Mohammad Ali

And flesh of fowl that they desire,


Muhammad Sarwar

They will have maidens with large, lovely black and white eyes,



And (there are) fair ones with wide, lovely eyes,



And pure, beautiful ones,


The Noble Koran

And (there will be) Houris (fair females) with wide, lovely eyes (as wives for the pious),


Yusuf Ali

And (there will be) Companions with beautiful, big, and lustrous eyes,-


Sure: 56 Vers: 21Sure: 56 Vers: 23