Ad-Dhariyat - The Scatterers - Die Zerstreuenden - 51:11 (Sure: 51, Vers: 11)

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الَّذِينَ هُمْ فِي غَمْرَةٍ سَاهُونَ


Bubenheim - Elyas

die in Versenkung zerstreut sind.



Die sich in abgründiger Achtlosigkeit befinden.


Ahmed Ali

Who are lost in deception.


Ali Ünal

Who are quite heedless (of truth) in an abyss of ignorance.


Amatul Rahman Omar

Who are in the depths of obstinacy and confusion (due to false-beliefs) and give no heed (to the truth).



they who blunder along, in ignorance lost -



Those who are in heedlessness neglectful.


Faridul Haque

Those who have forgotten in a state of intoxication.


Hamid S. Aziz

Who flounder heedless in an abyss (of ignorance and confusion).



Those who, they are in an intoxication/hatred (are) careless/negligent .



those who are engulfed in ignorance and heedlessness.


Maulana Mohammad Ali

Cursed by the liars!


Muhammad Sarwar

and who wander in the abyss of confusion.



Who are careless in an abyss!



Who are in a gulf (of ignorance) neglectful;


The Noble Koran

Who are under a cover of heedlessness (think not about the gravity of the Hereafter),


Yusuf Ali

Those who (flounder) heedless in a flood of confusion:


Sure: 51 Vers: 10Sure: 51 Vers: 12