Ad-Dhariyat - The Scatterers - Die Zerstreuenden - 51:10 (Sure: 51, Vers: 10)

Sure: 51 Vers: 9Sure: 51 Vers: 11

Original Book

قُتِلَ الْخَرَّاصُونَ


Bubenheim - Elyas

Tod den Mutmaßern,



Dem Tod geweiht seien die, die nur Schätzungen anstellen,


Ahmed Ali

Perish will those who just guess and speculate,


Ali Ünal

Be away from God’s mercy the liars building on conjecture,


Amatul Rahman Omar

Woe to the falsehood-mongers,



They but destroy themselves, 6  they who are given to guessing at what they cannot ascertain 7  -



Perish the conjecturers


Faridul Haque

Slain be those who mould from their imaginations.


Hamid S. Aziz

Cursed be the conjecturers (or lie-mongers),



The liars/speculators were killed.



Woe to those who judge by conjecture,


Maulana Mohammad Ali

He is turned away from it who would be turned away.


Muhammad Sarwar

Death to those whose opinions are merely baseless conjectures.



Accursed be the conjecturers



Cursed be the liars,


The Noble Koran

Cursed be the liars,


Yusuf Ali

Woe to the falsehood-mongers,-


Sure: 51 Vers: 9Sure: 51 Vers: 11